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At Complete Fitness Gym, we have a real interest in helping people reach their full potential in their chosen area and be as pain free and mobile in their everyday lives. If you're a Competitive or recreational sports person, iron man, cyclist, swimmer or like to keep fit and active, then sports therapy and remedial massage is the treatment for you. For many years I have treated sports people competing in extreme challenges such as, 24 Hour running, cycling and rowing events, sports teams and individual athletes all the way up to ironman, professional athletes. Despite the name Sports and remedial therapy isn’t just for sports persons but also for people that just want to be as mobile, healthy and pain free as possible, so the various techniques we employ will cater for all people that require that freedom of pain and enhanced movement. For the sports person.

Techniques we will utilise.
Sport & Remedial massage combines traditional Thai & Swiss massage Techniques with some of those used by Osteopaths, Chiropractors & Physiotherapists which include:

Soft Tissue Release– STR
Used to isolate specific areas of congested tissue whilst the muscle is stretched to prevent healthy tissue compensating for the restricted area Muscle Energy Technique – METs are a variety of manipulative treatments in which a patient, under guidance, actively uses their muscles to resist against a counterforce applied by the therapist. These techniques are used to restore shortened muscles back to their normal length
Neuro Muscular Technique – NMT
Neuro Muscular Technique – NMT Primarily employed to identify and release trigger points which are muscle fibres that remain permanently contracted and frequently refer pain to other locations. NMT involves the application of concentrated ischemic compression to de-activate these fibres
Myofascial Release – MFR
is a highly successful treatment used to access and treat restrictions in the fascia relying on the application of concentrated pressure which is combined with slow movementLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Phasellus hendrerit. Pellentesque aliquet nibh nec urna. Proin ac metus diam.
With remedial massage great emphasis is placed on identifying the source of dysfunction and to provide post treatment advice rather than just attempting to treat the problem in isolation. By applying this approach clients can expect better results and longer lasting benefits as opposed to a ‘quick fix’.
It is also used to provide relief of symptoms to individuals affected by a range of conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis or Asthma whose sufferers can benefit from a reduction of secondary effects of induced muscle tension and in the case of MS an improvement in circulation.

why complete Fitness Sports Therapy

Training for a big event can take its toll on your body and regular massage treatments leading up to an event can enhance your performance, reduce the risk of injury, speed recovery and allow you maintain intensive training.

Common injuries such as; runners knee, ITB issues, Achilles tendinitis and strained muscles can be minimised or avoided with regular treatments or exercises to ensure balance between muscles.

Sports Massage and remedial therapy will ease stiffness and pain in tight muscles and joints. It also aids mobility, increases energy levels and often improves the rate at which the body recovers from injury and illness.

Sports massage is used to enhance strength, performance and speed in athletes and to remove toxins and lactic acid after exercise.
For the clients requiring improved mobility and reduced pain

We offer assessments to address imbalances, postural change, exercises that you carry out away from us, which puts you in control of your own progression and we’ll explain to you how and why muscle imbalances create these issues that you have.

  • Benefits of Sports and remedial massage
  • Increased performance and Range of movement
  • Injury prevention / recuperation / Race Preparation
  • Improved Flexibility, balance and awareness
  • Break up scar tissue and correct tissue imbalances
  • Sports and Everyday Injuries
  • Common postural and lifestyle problems
  • Both One Page and Multipage Demo
  • Stress, anxiety and reduced energy issues

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