About Qsolutions WebDesign

Qsolutions has be born whilst serving in the Royal Air Force Regiment, I ran and managed a number of Websites since 2000 and work on the RAF Sports Web group during this period studying Information, communication and technology at the Open University.

Begin to enhance my skills whilst designing and managing website for friends and family, Qsolutions allows an effective management tool to help display what we have already achieved whilst hone skills.

Qsolutions is not run for profit but to make sure that website are run in a professional manner. Making sure that websites run by Qsolutions best meet those that it supplies products for.

About Qsolutions Training

Another skill that was first learnt in the RAF Training is a real passion, having spent time teaching recruits at Royal Air Force Halton I found a lot of enjoyment is seeing people expand and grow. Becoming part of the small group qualified to run and teach the Certificate to Teach in the Life Long Sector (CTTLS) courses.

My time has also allowed me to build strong contacts so we can cover,

  • Basic Instructional Techniques
  • Facititaions Techniques
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Motivation
  • Leadership
  • IT Skills
  • Web Design
  • NLP

All covered by Military and Ex Military Instructors, all highly experienced delivering bespoke packages of training at different levels across the world.